The art of Transformation

27 – 29 October 2021


The Art of Transformation

27. – 29. October 2021

Auditorium & Flux II

University of Applied Arts Vienna



Over the next 25 years, the way people live and work will fundamentally change as never before experienced in the history of mankind; the change will not only be radical but also take place in a short span of time.

Speakers & Participants:

Anderwald + Grond, Helga Aichmaier, Tina Auer, Gerald Bast, Jan Boelen, Tim Boykett, Alexander Damianisch, Wolfgang Fiel, Alexandra Graupner, Isabell Grundschober, Katharina Gsöllpointner, Margarete Jahrmann, Anja Jonkhans, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Bernhard Kernegger, Gerhard Kettler, Sabine Kock, Philipp Loidolt-Shen, Uli Meyer, Stephanie Nestawal, Stefan Oppl, Matthew Pelowski, Christian Pohl, Lisa Pointner, Barbara Putz-Plecko, Martin Reinhart, Monika Rinck, Katharina Rogenhofer, Karl Salzmann, Katja Schechtner, Bernhard Sommer, Elisabeth Strasser, Lucie Strecker, Edda Thürriedl, Marlene Welzl, Angelika Zelisko, more tba.



October 27, 2021

Praxis Area I - MATERIALS:

Post-digital realities and smart materials

The area of materials has two focal points: Firstly, the development of new biogenic materials as green alternatives for functional and/or structural usage in response to the requirements of a circular economy. Secondly, the notion of biomediality, i.e., living materials with the intention of an informed and adaptive interaction between user and environment. Moving between free speculation and scientific research, the co-corporeality is based on the adaptability of living materials through non-verbal communication.

Praxis Area II - METHODS:

Artistic research and transdisciplinary co-creation

The area of methods focuses on the notion of artistic research with the intention of including the arts in transdisciplinary discourse and co-creation. We are going to probe the methodological toolbox with respect to its usefulness for mission-oriented innovation processes and their broader social acceptance.

October 28, 2021

Praxis Area III - ACADEMIA:

The way of the organization

There has been no shortage of ideas, concepts and die-hard experience in the history of institutional education and research. That the need for critical self-reflection and permanent renewal has probably never been greater than on the threshold of the Anthropocene, begets the question where the journey is going to go next and what are the key ingrediencies for the ability to adapt to fast changing environments.

Praxis Area IV - UTOPIA:

Community engagement/Citizen science and public awareness

In this area we deepen what has been alluded to in the context of artistic research and co-creation, namely the utopian dimension of emancipatory and participatory community engagement and public outreach formats for an audience that far exceeds the inner circle of relevant experts and knowledgeable exhibition goers. Are artistic practices able to invoke the idea of addressing more inclusive audiences and to contribute strengthening communication interfaces and critical feedback through innovative outreach formats, citizen science initiatives or public awareness campaigns.

October 29, 2021

Praxis Area V- ACTION:

Funding for your projects and money to work with.

This day focuses on applied possibilities of project financing and funding opportunities and addresses both: active students and alumni. In a broad programme block, IG Kultur Wien, Smart, and Wirtschaftsagentur, among others, will discuss and explain financing options, tax law and other useful things for the path to self-employment. Furthermore, the department "Support Art and Research" of the University of Applied Arts will introduce itself and explain the multitude of internal support possibilities offered there. A talk with this year's winner of the Entrepreneurship Avenue Pitch Award will conclude this information event.
The lectures will be held in German.

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