About the project:
TRANSFORM – new directions and concepts in research and university education
The age of digital transformation brings with it automation and mechanization based on IT technology and thus on algorithms. Human work is being redefined as a result, because suddenly other skills are in the foreground. Anyone who wants to help shape the digital future must not only understand how it works and how it is structured and be able to program it, but also develop an understanding of the social change that this transformation will entail. 
It is the task of universities to impart this knowledge and understanding and, as intellectual centers of society, to shape social discourse. The complex and potentially crisis-ridden challenges of our time can only be mastered in a creative environment. This requires a shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration between art and science.
This project therefore aims to explore new avenues in research and university teaching in order to explore these so-called “21st century skills”, such as creativity, innovative strength and “outside-of-the-box” thinking, in greater detail. In the future, these are to be guaranteed by a joint development of future-oriented, inter-university, interdisciplinary and technology-supported forms of teaching.
In this project, Donau University Krems is cooperating with Johannes Kepler University Linz and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.